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  1. Emily -

    I started taking Revolyn Keto Burn every day because after coming home from a week’s vacation, I gained more weight than I would like to admit. I had gone off my normal meal plan and was eating more junk food before, during and after my vacation 🙁 which was a big mistake and very irresponsible of me. I was retaining water and not feeling very well, which I attributed to possible internal inflammation from the sugars and unhealthy fats in the foods I had been eating. In the first week of consistently taking Revolyn with plenty of water as the package insert says, I lost 9 pounds. It helped me restore my weight to where it was before I went off plan with my eating. The water retention and bloating are completely gone. I also feel that they helped with the internal inflammation, as I started to feel better physically and mentally over the course of taking them. I plan to continue using this product now that I have returned to my healthy eating plan in hopes that along with continuing my healthy diet that they contribute to my continued long term goal of fat loss. I love this product!

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  2. Tam B. -

    This is hands down the best product and the best company! I gained weight due to quarantine and bought Revolyn Keto Burn to help lose weight.I literally start sweating walking to my damn mailbox! Whatever they put in their products WORKS! I hope I don’t die or something, but I’m still kicking and able I have to train longer! This company has me for life..

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  3. Keyla -

    I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do to fit into my dresses. I’m invited to several weddings in the next few months and I didn’t have any outfit left to wear.
    Luckily I discovered Revolyn Keto Burn in time because it works real miracles! Of course, I continue to pay attention to my diet (without forcing myself too much, I admit) and I try to be physically active.
    In a few weeks, several kilos have disappeared and I finally feel better because I can fit into two of my dresses.
    I still have a few pounds to lose, but at the rate I’m going, it shouldn’t take long.

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  4. Yamelis -

    This Revolyn Keto Burn definitely works, just probably not in the way people expect them to. First of all, they are not the ones that make you lose weight. You lose the weight as a result of changing your eating habits because if you don’t you will pay the embarrassing price. I think they are one of the most effective weight loss pills because of the fact that they force you to change eating habits. I use them intermittently, not continuously.

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  5. Zach -

    This product has definitely helped me these past few weeks to get rid of that unwanted weight. With exercise and light diet I have lost 4 pounds while taking Revolyn Keto Burn. I don’t feel any crazy side effects and just follow the directions. I would recommend this product to almost anyone.

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  6. Breezy -

    This product has good ingredients. It is very easy to use. I like that you only have to take two capsules a day with or without food.
    The difference I see so far is that I don’t feel hungry all the time and now I have energy to spare! I’m supposed to do sports with that energy, I’m sure that will help me lose weight even faster.

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  7. Deanna -

    I have lost 50 pounds thanks to this Revolyn Keto Burn.
    If you walk every day and take this supplement with exercise you will see the excellent result!

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  8. April -

    I was skeptical at first, but I ordered the product to see if it would work. So far, my bloating has decreased significantly and I’ve lost a few pounds in a few weeks. It seems to be working well so far and I just ordered another bottle 👍

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  9. 科里纳 -

    I take it after breakfast and lunch, as directed. It helps keep things moving and get rid of that bloated feeling. I am a cancer survivor and still take maintenance medications that are notoriously criticized for causing weight gain and or making it difficult to lose weight. I exercise several times a week, drink lots of water and have already lost 20 pounds in about 3 months. obviously, it’s not a miracle pill, but I think it helps as an addition to a regimen.

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  10. Iryna -

    I used Revolyn Keto Burn after I had my first child. It helped me get in shape before my wedding and I saw results. I highly recommend it.

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  11. Joni -

    This has helped me lose 18 pounds in the last 6 weeks. I also cut my carbs and sugar to a minimum. I count calories on my Fitbit which also helps me track sugar and carb intake. This supplement helps me have energy and feel motivated to succeed!

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