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BEFLEXAN Cream – 100 ml, Original recipe from Switzerland


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    Especificação: BEFLEXAN




    100 ml


    Aqua, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Caprylic\Capric Trigliceride, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Polyglyceryl-6 Stearate, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Zea Mays Starch



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    1. Leonnida

      I would recommend that you try it on a very small area first to see if you have any sensitivity to the product. Like all creams, I don’t think it completely eliminates the pain, but I know that when my arthritis causes me problems and doesn’t let me feel comfortable enough to go to sleep, that’s where this cream really helps to ease the pain and gives me the rest I need

      + PROS: this cream really helps
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    2. Laura

      I have a nerve problem that, from time to time, causes a tingling in my fingers that is annoying and makes it very difficult to sleep. Beflexan relieves this annoying sensation and I can sleep peacefully. Thank you for such a good quality cream!

      + PROS: good quality
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    3. Stefan

      Me and the wife use this stuff almost daily. It works for pain

      + PROS: works for pain
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    4. Robert

      Beflexan works well! It takes away the pain in my finger joints quickly. Easy to apply and the skin absorbs it very quickly. I also apply it to my lower back, it gives me almost immediate relief.

      + PROS: immediate relief
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    5. Marielle

      I bought Beflexan for my daughter who had a knee injury & as soon as she applied it to her knee she felt relief. great product! good brand!

      + PROS: great product! good brand!
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    6. Yessica

      I was really skeptical about trying Beflexan, but even the first time I used it it helped with the pain in both hands from my carpal tunnel. I do have to apply it more frequently than suggested, and the smell, although not overwhelmingly strong, is not amazing. It’s also helped with the pain and nerve damage from a recent ankle surgery. I would definitely recommend this product!!

      + PROS: definitely recommend
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    7. Niara

      My son loves that this Beflexan doesn’t have that “old lady” smell. It’s completely odorless and absorbs quickly. He says this product has brought him more relief than anything else he’s tried. I don’t think it takes away the pain completely, but provides enough relief that he can function normally throughout his day. It works lightning-fast too. It needs a generous application and frequent reapplication, so he’s already asked me to reorder it…in a larger size.

      + PROS: special cream for pain
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    8. Eliah

      Some pain creams have such an intense smell, you are hesitant to put them on. Beflexan not. I have been going back to this brand Inchealth since several years when I need an allrounder no scented cream. I still use other creams with their intense menthol or camphor scents, just not at night or when going out.

      + PROS: no intense smell
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