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SMOOSKIN Gel – 100 ml, Original recipe from Switzerland



    Especificação: SMOOSKIN




    200 ml


    Petrolatum, Brassica Campestris Seed Oil



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    1. Cony

      I use it for my own and my family’s bruises and muscle aches. I am amazed at the results. It’s all natural and quite inexpensive compared to other products and works great, I highly recommend it!

      + PROS: highly recommend
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    2. Giso

      I have had neck pain problems for several years to the point that it causes me headaches. This has been my favorite cream because it helps relieve some of the neck pain or muscle stiffness. It applies without being too greasy and absorbs quickly into my skin. I have sensitive skin and this has never irritated my skin.

      + PROS: favorite cream
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    3. Ulisses

      If you have muscle aches and pains from time to time, you need this cream. Rub it in and minor aches and pains will disappear. I’m sure you will like the results.

      + PROS: like the results
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    4. Mirtha

      I’ll start by saying that Smooskin leaves my hands soft and doesn’t burn like many of the so-called sensitive lotions. I have very dry hands and this cream really helps.

      + PROS: this cream really helps
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    5. Irinne

      Smooskin has become an essential part of my skincare routine and has proven to be a reliable cream for both my body and face. This cream is super moisturizing, thanks to its effective and nourishing formula.

      + PROS: effective and nourishing formula
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    6. Rosa

      Smooskin works well! It takes away the pain in my finger joints quickly. Easy to apply in exact places. I also apply it on my lower back.

      + PROS: works well
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    7. Emma

      I cannot tell you how many nights I’ve suffered, trying to sleep while my entire body feels like it’s taken a horrible beating and because I had my Smooskin nearby, I was able to sleep and wake up feeling a lot better.

      + PROS: feeling a lot better
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