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WOW BUST Gel – 200 ml, Original recipe from Switzerland


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    Şartname: WOW BUST




    200 ml


    Petrolatum, Brassica Campestris Seed Oil



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    1. Maira -

      It seems to be working so far, haven’t been using too long. My breasts aren’t quite visibly larger yet, but I was also very tiny to begine with. I would however say my breasts are already more perky and firm, and they feel larger to me when I rub the cream in.

      + ARTILARI: good cream
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    2. Bela -

      This product was purchased just to test and see how good n if it actually really works. All I can say is it definitely works but don’t expect to use it without doing anything. A combination of squats and this cream applied after will definitely have you and others noticing results. Speaking from my point of view and experience. In the process of purchasing my 2nd bottle as I speak.

      + ARTILARI: really works
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    3. Analia -

      It worked to my satisfaction I really love it

      + ARTILARI: love it
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    4. Nieves -

      I love this Wow Bust gel. It hasn’t increased the size of my breasts, but it has made them perkier. That’s a plus for me. I would have given it 5 stars if my breasts had increased.

      + ARTILARI: love
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    5. Samantha -

      The delivery times of this company are incredible. I received Wow Bust even before the expected delivery date. I started using this gel today and it is tingling. The smell of the cream is delicious. I have been able to put on my blouse because it does not stick to my clothes and also does not stick to my skin. It absorbs very smoothly and quickly into the skin. I will let you know in two weeks how the gel works.

      + ARTILARI: The smell is delicious
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    6. Luani -

      I need a new tube, I noticed firmness but no enlargement

      + ARTILARI: Tamam.
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    7. Olinda -

      I started seeing a difference within a week with Wow Bust!!!! I am DD already but after having kids they went down some and had lose skin and i can already tell they are getting fuller!!!! And got it a day ahead of time!!!

      + ARTILARI: seeing a difference
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