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ZENIDOL Gel – 200 ml, Original recipe from Switzerland


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    Especificação: ZENIDOL




    200 ml


    Petrolatum, Brassica Campestris Seed Oil



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    1. Esther

      My bf told me I had red spots on my back. I was completely unaware of them. A little google research led me to believe it was a fungus (gross, I know). I bought this cream since my sources said it would clear up the spots. Sure enough, after only a few days of using this twice a day, the spots went away.

      + PROS: works very well
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    2. Mely

      is great stuff for fungal inflections. I had tried many different recommended remedies for two problem areas I had for months. None worked until I got this miracle cream to apply twice a day as it said on the tube. It worked as good as any high dollar prescription medicine you could get.

      + PROS: is great
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    3. Hugo

      We live in a higher elevation where the weather tends to dry out our skin. Love walking barefoot so this helps tremendously. Put on at night with sock and next morning, my skin feels so much better! Helps with cracked heels! I buy this regularly.

      + PROS: Help
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    4. Nina

      I am 68 years old and Zenidol is the best foot gel I have ever used. It works very fast. you will not be disappointed.

      + PROS: works very fast
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    5. Walls

      I used Zenidol 3 days in a row to start. I used it overnight with my socks on. My feet became significantly softer. I saw a thin film of my skin peel off. It was very mild and not severe. I now only use 1-2 weeks for maintenance.

      + PROS: very mild
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    6. Alex

      I like that I keep my feet healthy with Zenidol.

      + PROS: I like
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    7. Jonas

      Zenidol really works! Now I can show my feet without fear

      + PROS: really works
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    8. Zenidol


      + PROS: Mrzí ma, že som dostala tovar bez návodu a v cudzom jazyku
      - CONS: Bez návodu, cudzom jazyku
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